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An Important Message from Expert Disinfecting

The health and welfare of our customers and our employees is always a top priority. As such, we’d like to share with you the precautions that Expert Disinfecting has implemented to help keep you (our clients) and our employees safe and healthy this and every season!

    • We will under no circumstance allow any employee that is sick, has any flu-like symptoms or who has a sick family member come to work.
    • All interior surfaces of the teams’ cars are disinfected each evening.
    • All cleaning cloths are switched out between homes and thoroughly laundered each night.
    • Our vacuums and vacuum attachments, cleaning tools, and buckets are disinfected between homes and each night.
    • Cleaning technicians will wash their hands prior to entering your home. They will also wash their hands once in your home, and wash hands prior to leaving your home.
    • Our offices are following proper guidelines on workplace preparedness and employee safety, including ensuring a clean and hygienic workplace.

As with the flu season, we will disinfect throughout your home.

    • Our technicians use a hospital grade disinfectant and virucide cleaner to sanitize often touched surfaces in your home like door knobs, light switches, refrigerator handles, drawers and cabinet pulls, etc.
    • Lastly, we request that you cancel your cleaning appointment if you or a family member is sick, experiencing flu-like symptoms or has tested positive for the flu or coronavirus. We will waive all cancellation fees related to you or family members being sick.
    • We want to assure you all that we are taking all the necessary precautions. We’d rather be proactive and have nothing happen than to risk anyone’s wellness by not being prepared.

👍 Please feel free to reach out to the office at (512) 555-5555 if you have any questions or concerns.


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