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No one should get sick while trying to get better

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Germ-Free Sanitation. Total Disinfection.

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are infections that patients contract during the course of treatment and, despite increased efforts to target them, disinfectant protocols in the healthcare industry have remained largely unchanged.

   Only 50% of surfaces in hospital operating or patient rooms are effectively disinfected1

   85% of wheelchairs in hospital are contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA2

   More than 50% of beds and mattresses are contaminated with MRSA3, and 92% of privacy curtains are contaminated one week after laundering4

Expert Disinfecting creates healthier spaces for your patients.  Our disinfecting system applies disinfectant solutions to surfaces using electrostatic induction charging. The liquid droplets are positively charged by the spray system which is then driven to the surface target area in a consistent manner allowing for comprehensive uniform coverage.  It is safe on sensitive equipment and treats areas untouched by traditional cleaning methods.

Let us help you in the fight against the unnecessary spread of sickness & infection.

Key Service Features

We carry out our responsibilities in a disciplined way, and offer a series of checks and balances so that you can be certain the work we do is always first-rate.

We offer one-time or recurring disinfecting services, customized to your needs
We supply all cleaning equipment and solutions
We use an odorless, hypoallergenic disinfectant sanitizer
We rely on non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-irritating cleaners that will completely sterilize your property and make it allergen-free, mold-free and germ-free

Our technicians are fully trained professionals
Our service is safe and effective and our disinfectant eliminates SARS-CoV (COVID-19)
We are insured for your protection
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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